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Does anyone know how long it takes Vicodin to clear one's body for a UA. I have heard . And you can NOT clear any drug, including vicodin from your system by drinking lots of water or anything else. How long does vicodin stay in your system, I took 2 vicodin on saturday and on tuesday had a drug t? Vicodin is an opiate with a short half-life. This means it can only be detected in the body for a short time when using a urine drug test.

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I had one vicodin the night before a drug test and this was my first time taking one in a week. Will it show up in my urine test? ## Most likely, yes. In regards to a urine test, Hydrocodone can be detected for up to days after your last dose. In my honest opinion, if you're taking any sort. I took one, 5mg of Hydrocodone for severe back pain. I had one Sunday night for the first time in 8 years, (I hate narcotics, not worth it to live on daily meds!!) However I took that half of a 10mg pill. I have to see my Doctor at the end of the week (Friday, 12/13), and I cannot have it in my system for the urine.

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