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The researchers, in addition to noting paroxetine's inhibition of the P 2D6 isoenzyme, performed a further analysis that found that many of the genes whose activity is altered by paroxetine also are estrogen responsive and this paroxetine-genetic-estrogen-responsive relationship may pose another risk factor for breast. Drugs, such as Paxil, and other chemicals can inhibit or promote estrogen activity in the body. A new City of Hope test can quickly screen for these effects.

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Test developed at City of Hope found that Paxil affects estrogen levels. The greater finding, expert says, is the breast cancer research potential. A trial of a new process of identifying drugs that can disrupt sex hormones singled out Paxil from common drugs as having a weak estrogenic effect that could promote the growth of breast tumors in women. The study may shed light on previous studies that found women taking Paxil were more likely.

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