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Just curious if anyone out there has felt WAY more energetic on Strattera. I've always heard that Strattera causes fatigue for a lot of people, but for me it definitely quintupled my endurance, at least! (Sadly, I'm not taking that anymore but am on Focalin XR and sometimes it seems to work; other times I'm a  Brain Fog, Creativity and Strattera. I've had this weird energy effect from Neurontine but it's starting to wear off and then I'm back to bed, dark room, communicating with notes. Not really looking forward to it. So I'm kind of desperate for something that could give me an energy boost. My doctor says stimulants usually don't work on PWME:s.

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3 Answers - Posted in: strattera - Answer: Strattera is not a stimulant like the other meds for ADHD. Other problems are the increased risk of cardiovascular problems or interference with other medical conditions or medication. Atomoxetine (Strattera) is a non-stimulant medication approved by the FDA to treat ADHD symptoms in children, adolescents and adults. For some, this medication has proven to be.

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